Contingency Search

We know that a company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. we are uniquely positioned to recognise and assess a company’s employment needs to find the candidates with the skills and personality to fit them.We want our clients to have the best person for the job, and we want our candidates to have the best job for them.
  • Focused on matching employer and employee
  • Driven by results
  • designed to support SME, Large corporations
  • Tailored to individual clients and candidates
  • Adaptable, flexible and convenient
  • Managed by a dedicated, skilled, and experienced recruitment team
Our team will work endlessly till we find the best candidate, with a network in a 25 districts in Sri lanka. we will able to source the right person for you. We have over 10,000 jobseekers in our database, your requirement can filled in days. we dramatically reduce the cost and the time of in house recruitment.

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